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Freight forwarding is a very new and unexplored but fast growing industry for Turkey. UTİKAD (Association of International Forwarding and Logistics Service Providers) members provide one or more of the following services:

Road services
UTİKAD members provide full trailer loads, and consolidation of small consignments into loads for warehouse/warehouse trucking services.
Rail service
Most of the rail transportation services to and from Turkey is given by our members.
Ocean services
The widespread introduction of container in the 70's provided freight forwarders with the opportunity to develop door-to-warehouse services worldwide for full container load (FCL) cargo and less than container load (LCL) shipments.
Air freight forwarding
The use of scheduled airlines for the movement of freight increased considerably following the introduction of wide bodied aircrafts. UTİKAD members handle some %95 of the country import and export by air, and provide a worldwide high quality range of services for urgent valuable freight.
Combined transportation services
All kinds of combined services, like Truck+Ocean, Truck+Air, Ocean+Air which requires a very high level of international expertise is provided by UTİKAD members.
Logistics and value added services
Many countries worldwide still maintain complex customs procedures. UTİKAD members hold up to date information on national requirements worldwide, enabling fast and reliable delivery of goods to final destination.
UTİKAD members also provide a wide range of value added services for their client. These include warehousing, picking up orders, packaging and assembling goods. Recent developments in electronic communication are already implemented by freight services industry. They provide cargo trucking facilities and the exchange of data on a computer-to-computer basis (EDI)
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